Friday, July 29, 2016

Why I Missed Star Trek! - #TV #StarTrek #Hope

Not a fan favorite, but I like this show... And I have to admit that I really missed the series!
Ok, so I have been following the election pretty closely and all of the shocking, and disgusting greed, corruption, and election tampering that has been going on in the Democratic party, what with the recent discovery of how the most recent former DNC chairman had put the full weight of her office in to disrupting and destroying Bernie Sanders chances of winning the Presidency... A crime right! Well I also saw the end result of how she was rewarded for her crimes by being applauded by both the President and the Vice-President and then given a high level posting in Hillary Clinton's campaign! 

Now that is the democratic side... The Republicans are no better, the only real difference is that their candidate is a psychotic neo-fascist warmongering bigot who if he makes it in to office will destroy the environment, and ally us with one of the worst dictators of the new millennium! And the rest of the Republican establishment are to pussy to admit how disastrously they have fucked up with Donald Trump... So much so that these cowards, after months of condemning him have actually decided to side with him, while still doing everything they can to take away every social aid program, and civil liberty that America affords it's citizenry! 

And finally, the last thing that both of these people have in common with each other (besides the fact that neither one of these people are at all qualified to run this country,) is the fact that both of these people were/are being investigated by the authorities for possible crimes! 

One of these two people will become your next President folks! Both are from corrupt parties, both handling scandals during their President campaigns, but are/have been under investigation for potential criminal wrong doings during their campaigns!
Ok... Enough of the negativity... Am I right! 

Well, the reason that I am writing this is because I recently started watching Star Trek: Enterprise... (It may not be the best of the franchise, but I like it.) With that said, you know what happened? Something strange started to happen... I teared up in the first few minutes of the pilot episode! 

It was just for a second, but I found it to be a little strange because I had never done that before... And I realized something from this... I really missed Star Trek! Now I am not talking about the movies, (They are great, but in this case I am not talking about that.) No what I am talking about is the TV series! 

I don't know if you guys know this, but one of the things about Star Trek is that this series is one of the last Science Fiction series of it's type to completely cleanly have a positive message to it! Don't get me wrong, the other shows are great... But this one was truly one of the last for the longest time! (I have seen some in the last year or two that are definitely headed back in that direction, but Star Trek held for a lot of years was it!)\

Considering the amazingly diverse nature of this crew, I think you can see why the series had such a strong message of hope for the human race in it! 
With all of that said, taking in to account everything that seems to have gone on in the world, all of the bald faced greed, crimes, corruption, by those in power, and the death and destruction that these disgusting mass attacks have caused all over the world... It was great to see a time period in which mankind got over it's ridiculous pettyness! 

Seeing how mankind had gotten together and had built a vessel that brought with it all of the hopes of a united mankind, was absolutely truly awe inspiring and is something that helped remind me of the fact that no matter how much evil there is in this world, there will always be good men and women that will do whatever it takes to see a prosperous future for not just themselves, but for the rest of the world! 

A brilliant show that really brings a feeling of hope about mankind!
So if you are thinking that the end is near and are doomsday prepping... It is not bad to be prepared for any contingency. Instead of thinking the end is near and preparing for the worst, find one of these amazing groups and do something to make a difference and don't allow the evils of this world to win! 

And that is why I am glad to have found Star Trek again! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Progress... Man You Got To Love It! - #Technology #Mankind #Progress

A lot of what is in this picture literally came out in the last 50 or 100 years!
Progress...Man you got to love it! You know, we are living in an amazing and historically defining time in this worlds history! 

What I mean by this is that since world war 2, we as a race have been becoming more and more rapidly advanced technologically, and at this point we are at a stage where we can literally help save the planet, for which the technology that we have had since world war 2 has slowly been chocking off the rest of the world!

But since the discovery of the damage that these planet killing devices have been doing, instead of mankind going back in to the stone age, we have been working on methods to save the planet and have our technology! 

The Gas Pump Vs The Electric Pump... I think we all know which is better!
With that said, I thought that I would mention these 2 planet saving inventions that can, and slowly seem to be replacing their deadly counterparts!

5: The Electric Vehicle as a replacement for gas powered vehicles. 

I know that I just used this, but this actually is a pretty solid example of technology keeping the automobile alive, while not destroying the world!
4: Solar Panels as one of the replacements for Coal Plants. 

Ok, so Coal Plants produce an insane amount of pollutants in to the air, and practically destroy the environment around the Coal Plants... Solar energy is a great environmentally friendly way of soaking up the suns rays and turning them in to energy... And they are just one of the many amazing replacements for the deadly power that is gotten from Coal Plants!
That was just some of it, and I hope like me that this will give you hope that we will be able to maintain living on this beautiful mud ball for as long as possible! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Fascinating Juxtaposition Between Love And Hate, between Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump - #DonaldTrump #BernieSanders #PresidentialCampaign

The difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and their campaigns could almost be said to be the difference between love and hate!

Ok, so I recently saw a video... This video... Well if you are glass half full type... Then this video you could say is a video that shows the difference between love and hate... At least part of the reason why you should vote for, who you should vote for during the general election this year!

Before I continue on, rather you are a Bernie Sanders fan and are going to vote for him, or you want to see the type of change that Donald Trump wants for this country, and intend to vote for him... Or you want 4 more years of an Obama style White House with Hillary Clinton, you are entitled to your opinion, and should be proud of the choices that you make!

With that said, before I continue with this video that I was talking about at the video, I want to say a few things about the Sanders campaign and the Trump campaign, and the reason the two are both so similar and inter-connected!

Ok, so first off, one of the differences that has really set Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump apart from the rest, is the fact that neither is taking money from Super-Pacs! (I mean Donald Trump appears to have set up his own Super-Pac... But still...)

And the next thing that separates the two from the rest of the fold, is just their lack of seeming political recognition on the national scale... I mean Bernie has made a career of being just an amazing Senator from his home state... And Donald Trump is a corporate dynasty!

But that is really just about the only two things that these two power houses seem to have in common with each other... Now for the total polar opposites of each other.

These guys have some stuff in common, one thing they don't have in common is that Donald Trump will probably destroy this country if he is in office!
1. I have heard that Donald Trump wants to end almost all (if not all) public aid programs... While Bernie seems to want to make them more universal, so that more then just the top 1% of the top 1% of this country can benefit from their citizenship.

2. Donald Trump wants to force Mexico in to building a wall along the border to stop illegal immigration. I maybe wrong, because I haven't heard or read everything that Bernie Sanders has ever said on all topics, but it doesn't seem like Bernie has many if any oppressive policy interests that would seek to alienate one (or any) of our allies...

3. Donald Trump wishes to marginalize and oppress Muslims in the same way that Adolf Hitler did with the Jews just before the holocaust, by blocking their right to international travel, and by making them rare markers that signify them as Muslims, as well as to create a national registry for Muslims who will be forced to register with it... Bernie Sanders doesn't...

4. Donald Trump, also like Adolf Hitler, has his own para-military militia force... Bernie Sander doesn't...

5. Also, in the last few political rallies that Donald Trump has had, black people have been beaten up, and a woman was accosted, and then pepper sprayed by a Trump supporter... Have you ever heard of something like that happening at a Bernie Sanders rally?

6. Finally, some of Donald Trump's biggest supporters are an ex-high ranking member of one of this nations oldest racist organizations, as well as it's current highest ranking member... That being David Duke (a former Grand Wizard) and a current Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan... Bernie Sanders has some true Hollywood greats as well as activists... Including:

1. Patch Adams (The guy who inspired the movie that starred Robin Williams.)
2. Anthony Kiedis (From, 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers'.)
3. Breckin Meyer (From, 'Robot Chicken'.)
4. Patton Oswalt (From: 'Marvel's Agent's Of Shield'.)

A real juxtaposition... Bernie Sanders has the man that helped make sick people better with laughter... While Donald Trump has one of the oldest racist organizations supporting him!
And that is just to name a few!

But here is a fascinating juxtaposition between love and hate, and between Bernie Sanders campaign Donald Trumps!