Monday, March 20, 2017

Have You Ever Just Iistened To A Song You Loved Over And Over Again?

I don't know if you have ever done this before, but if you haven't, try it... It is kind of interesting.  That is listening to a song that you absolutely love repetitively... Don't do so all of the time, but honestly, from time to time... Give it a try! If anything it will help get the song out of your system... But you might find that it gives you hours and hours of fun as well! 

Now before I go on let me say this, if you are not a big music fan, then you probably won't get the appeal of doing this.  But if you are some one, who is a huge music fan who tends to get some of your favorite songs stuck in your head for days... Then give this technique a try! 

An example of a music super fanatic and a musician!

Minimally it will get the song out of your system... Which it does... Take it from me who has had the same song stuck in his head and has been listening to the same song for the last few days... As I am writing this blog I actually ended listening to that song and have moved on to the next one...

The other thing, and I know this may seem strange... But a truly great song will take a long time to get out of your system because it is just completely freaking awesome... And will give you hours to days of great entertainment! 

So again, if I were you, I would say give it a try! You will be glad you did!  

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